In today's dynamic work landscape, the primary focus is on inspiring and engaging the workforce. Modern workforce is no longer solely motivated by pay checks; instead, they value work culture, personal growth, recognition, flexibility and more. Organisations need to adopt best practices and emerging trends for employee engagement to attract and retain top talent and transform employees into enthusiastic brand advocates.

BI WORLDWIDE and SHRM, in collaboration with industry stalwarts and researchers, are thrilled to introduce "Elevate Employee Experience", a three-part webinar series, that delves deep into the realm of modern workplace transformation.

About the Webcast Series

The webcast series emphasis on future ready strategies and technologies, designed to revolutionize the way organisations approach rewards & recognition, employee engagement, leadership, and managerial inspiration to enhance overall EX.

Discover groundbreaking insights to lead with excellence and drive meaningful change – to foster a more inspiring, thriving and engaging workplace.

Episode 1 | New Rules of Engagement 2023 Research for Modern Workplaces
31st October 2023 | 4-5 PM IST

Episode 2 | New Tech-Enablers to Power-up Recognition & Rewards EX Strategies
22nd November 2023 | 3-4 PM IST

Episode 3 | New Role of Managers to Amplify Modern Day Workforce Engagement
14th December 2023 | 3-4 PM IST

Key Learnings:

  • Latest insights from BI WORLDWIDE’s ‘New Rules of Engagement’ research study, focusing on modern workplaces.
  • The transformative impact of technology on rewards, recognition, and employee engagement.
  • Key managerial strategies to amplify modern-day workforce engagement.

Discover groundbreaking insights to empower your leadership to lead with excellence and drive meaningful change – to foster a more inspiring, thriving and engaging workplace.

Who Should Attend?

  • CHROs
  • A.V.P/ V.P - HR
  • Total Reward Heads/Employee Engagement Heads
  • Sr. Managers/Managers – HR

Episode 1

New Rules of Engagement 2023 Research for Modern Workplaces

Join us for the 'New Rules of Engagement' webinar featuring Mark D. Hirschfeld, Vice President of Consulting and Strategic Partnerships at BIW, where we explore cutting-edge strategies to Elevate Employee Experience. In this session, we delve into the latest research findings critical to shaping the future of workplace engagement. Gain insights on optimizing employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. Discover how to adapt to the evolving landscape and empower your organization with the knowledge and tools to succeed in the modern work environment. This is an opportunity to reimagine your engagement strategies with industry experts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Employees with inclusive leaders are 12X more likely to find work inspiring.
  • Employees are 7X more likely to put in great effort when personally connected to an organisation’s mission, purpose, and values.
  • Organisations that support well-being and mental health see between 4X and 11X greater likelihood of employee belonging.
  • Employees who receive recognition aligned with company values are 4X more likely to feel connected to purpose.
Mark Hirschfeld

Mark D. Hirschfeld
Vice President, Consulting & Strategic Partnerships, BI WORLDWIDE

Mark Hirschfeld is Vice President, Consulting Services & Strategic Partnerships at BI WORLDWIDE. He is passionate about helping organisations build more engaging and productive workplaces. Mark has co-authored "Re-Engage: How America’s Best Places to Work Inspire Extra Effort in Extraordinary Times", published by McGraw-Hill.

Episode 2

New Tech-enablers to Power up Recognition & Rewards EX Strategies

In a fast-evolving digital HR landscape, employee experience is all about delivering instant, inclusive, intuitive, and intelligent engagement to drive performance, build culture and retain key talent. Navigating this change can be overwhelming for HR leaders, and can act as a deterrent to organisational growth strategy.

BI WORLDWIDE in partnership SHRM India brings to you the core of tech-enablers to supercharge your employee recognition and rewards strategies and programs to give the results driven employee experience.

Join in for an insightful webinar on how cutting-edge technologies, powered by data & behavioural science and personalised recognition platforms are elevating the employee experience. Industry experts will share practical strategies & best practices to effectively harness these intuitive innovations to enable real-time recognition in modern organisations, enhancing employee morale, productivity and retention.

Explore how CHROs and HR leaders can keep tech-enabled recognition and rewards strategies at the forefront of emerging employee engagement trends.

Key Takeaways:

  • Generative AI-based content templates and emotional analyser can enable personalised recognition to make all employees feel valued
  • Advanced technologies like metaverse, edge computing, AR and VR can be instrumental in taking the world of R&R to the next level
  • Work culture, organisation size & structure, employee demographics & preferences, leadership support, and budget & resources are key deciding factors for tech adoption in R&R programs
  • Future-ready tech-enablers can power the shift from traditional recognition to persona-based recognition, aligned with organisational values and behaviours
Prasad Poosrala

Prasad Poosarla
Chief Technology Officer, BI WORLDWIDE

Prasad Poosarla is a Tech Transformation Evangelist, enhancing global and local business efficiencies for decades. His expertise lies in managing intricate programs and overseeing transformations, in the realms of DX, Agile/DevOps, cloud integration, analytics-driven decision-making, cloud management, service brokerage, advanced analytics, and behavioural science-led loyalty solutions.

Episode 3

New Role of Managers to Amplify Modern Day Workforce Engagement

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover managerial strategies to champion a culture of open communication & feedback, responsiveness to employee needs and skills-based work delegation
  • Gain insights into how differentiated rewards and recognition strategies can empower managers to enhance engagement
  • Explore how leading with inclusivity nurtures a more inspired, goals-driven and competent workforce
  • Learn how managers can leverage onboarding best practices to elevate employee experience, boosting talent retention and brand advocacy

Christina Fortier
Sr. Communication Director, BI WORLDWIDE

Christina Fortier is Senior Director of Communications at BI WORLDWIDE. Her work has resulted in presentations at global HR conferences, communications awards, and valued insights for many clients. Christina’s deep understanding of behaviour economics and employee and consumer engagement allows her to combine research-based thinking and creativity to create compelling communication campaigns. She advises companies on how to inspire their key audiences in inspirational ways that drive business results.